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Thermal Imaging

Arm your inspector with x-ray vision!

We can instantly image entire rooms, inspect places that can’t be physically reached with moisture meters, reveal wet conditions behind surfaces such as enameled walls and wallpaper that don’t readily water stain, track leaks to their source, monitor the drying process, and confirm when a structure is dry.

Infrared Inspection Service

Infrared Thermography is a powerful non-invasive means of observing a building. Infrared cameras see “heat”, our natural eyes see “light”, and therefore infrared cameras by definition can see what our eyes cannot see. In the application of moisture surveys, building materials that are wet will be subjected to the process of evaporation and therefore be represented as a “cooler” image. This will alert the inspector that there is a “suspect” area and it will be documented using infrared photography and natural photography in the report. This survey can be combined with a general home inspection to include an infrared survey of the buildings walls, ceilings, and floor for moisture. 

Below is a collection of various infrared images and thermograms we have collected during various field evaluations and observations. Some are work related and some are for fun! After all, all work and no play is no fun.
ceilinleaks In the application of electrical surveys, overheated breakers, switches, or outlets will “glow” when they are relatively warmer than the surrounding environment. This relative temperature will provide meaningful information in the observation of some critical electrical safety concerns.


With skyrocketing energy costs insulation and HVAC efficiency has become a hot topic (no pun intended). In the application of insulation surveys, walls and ceilings that have missing insulation will appear as a different color (representing a different temperature band). This will alert the inspector that this area is “suspect” and may require additional testing to confirm missing insulation. The HVAC survey will include observation of the air temperature at the return and supply to check that the unit is operating in its manufacturer’s specified range.
rooftop This thermogram shows how much heat the shingles on our roof absorb on a hot summer day. Excessive heat is the enemey of shingles; It is important to provide adequate attic ventillation to cool the temperature of the attic and shingles as much as possible.
attictemp This is a side view of the house from above.With infrared vision you can clearly see the elevated temperature in the attic space.
handprints The sensitivity of the FLIR BCAM is simply amazing! Here we see the heat signature on a wall covered with sheetrock.
deacon Sheesh, a cat’s life  must be hard.
vent Verifying no leakage is present at the connection of the steel vent pipe into a masonry chimney is a snap with the FLIR BCAM SD.
livingroomceiling By using the temperaure alarm with the FLIR BCAM SD we can instantly identify areas with temperature anomolies. Here we are looking at a vaulted ceiling where the ceiling meets the top plate. Vaulted ceilings are prone to inadequate insulation or air leakage. With the FLIR infrared camera we can see what the ordinary eye cannot and provide a superior inspection.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAirceilingleak02 Here we have an excellent opportunity to highlight the effectiveness of infrared technology. The picture on the left shows a light brown stain on the ceiling of a first floor kitchen. Qualitative analysis with the FLIR BCAM SD shows surface temperture anomolies that were quanatively validated with a moisture meter. Further investigation lead to a leaking shower pan in an upstairs bathroom above the kitchen. Infrared technology in the hands of a properly trained inspector provides a superior inspection service!


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