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STANDARD (Prices start at $299)

This is the most popular inspection although it has a reputation among some Realtors as being too “nitpicky”. Clients, however, love it. It is suitable and recommended for all types of properties, although my BASIC inspection is a better value for investors or anyone who will be doing a complete renovation of the property. The STANDARD inspection is the “above and beyond” inspection.

In addition to our complete inspection from top to bottom outside and in this service includes:

  1. recall and safety concern research on appliances and equipment
  2. cosmetic damage and “minor” defects (please note: cosmetic and minor defects are determined solely by inspector and may differ from your opinion or from the opinions of third parties),
  3. helpful information in the introduction section of your report,
  4. common maintenance and safety tips,
  5. infrared inspection service, and
  6. total appliance package


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