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Energy Assessment

Energy Savings Add Up!

Infrared view

Infrared View

These days everyone is concerned with saving energy. Saving more energy starts with you. Did you know that it is relatively easy and inexpensive to reduce your energy consumption by 3-percent? Larger energy savings will likely require a bit more time and money but think of it as a long term investment.

The first step is to do a walk through with one of our energy evaluators to perform an energy evaluation. This will include thermal imaging of your home or business and analyzing utility bills.

The second step is to lay out the best plan to get most benefit immediately and long term strategic planning. This includes analyzing utility bills, current Federal, State and Utility rebates, financing and cost benefit with increase to house or building value.

Leaky homes are hard to heat and hard to cool efficiently and effectively. The only way to know whether your home is leaky or tight is to measure its air leakage rate with a blower door. A blower door is a tool that depressurizes a house;this depressurization exaggerates the home’s air leaks, making the leaks easier to measure and locate.

An energy-efficient house must be as airtight as possible. Many older U.S. homes are so leaky that a third to a half of the home’s heat loss comes from air leaks. There is no such thing as a house that is too tight (as long as mechanical ventillation is provided) however, it’s also true that there is no such a thing as an airtight house. Every house leaks, and that’s why blower-door tests are important….to measure a building’s leakage rate

Blower Door Testing

Blower Door picture

Blower Door Test

There are at least two reasons to conduct a blower-door test on an existing house: to determine how leaky it is, and to help locate and fix the leaks.

When a blower door and Infrared Camera are used at the same time is to help an air-sealing contractor locate and fix leaks in an existing house, the procedure is called “blower-door-directed air sealing.”

J.B. Anderson Inspections will provide you with a detailed report that shows where your home or business is loosing energy and what steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption and what the expected time in payback would be if those steps are taken.

The Third and most important step is for you to take action. The best plans will never materialize unless they are acted upon. Finally, sit back and enjoy your comfortable and energy efficient home or business knowing that you are doing your part to reduce harmful emissions and lower our overall energy consumption.


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